Acrisure Vs. Renegade: Which Is Better for Agents?

Acrisure Vs. Renegade: Which Is Better for Agents?

Insurance agents today have the freedom to choose from a lot of insurance agencies. But because of the large number of choices, selecting the right agency that matches your goals and needs is tricky business. 

To make things a little bit easier, in this blog we have put forward a detailed analysis of two insurance brokers – Acrisure and Renegade Insurance.

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In this blog

Who is Acrisure?

Acrisure is a fintech company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company was founded to acquire insurance companies in the Midwest region of the United States, but has since expanded nationally. Acrisure was named the eighth largest insurance broker in the world by Business Insurance in 2022. The company has grown from $38 million to more than $3.8 billion in revenue in just over eight years. 

A leader in global fintech, the company offers intelligence-driven financial services solutions for insurance, reinsurance, real estate services, cyber services, and asset and wealth management.

How Does Acrisure Make Money?

Acrisure works on partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions.  

Through its extensive network of Agency Partners, Acrisure also offers a wide range of insurance-related solutions, including personal lines, employee benefits, and commercial property and casualty. 

It mainly focuses on insurance, financial services and wealth management.


How Do Acrisure Agents Make Money?

Acrisure agents are in essence insurance agents of the agency or partner offices they acquire. Their income is based on the commission’s splits and salaries of the specific agency they belong to.  

The policies that they sell are based on the lines of business their agency is providing for.

How Wide is Acrisure’s Market?

Acrisure was purchased by Genstar Capital in 2013, and acquisitions accounted for much of the company’s growth. In 2014, the company acquired 23 firms, and in 2015, it took over 59 other agencies, compared to 26 acquisitions between 2005 and 2013.  

The majority of Acrisure’s trade – 60% of deals – come from previously acquired entities  

The company earns $3.9B+ Pro forma Revenue, operates in 15 countries and 1000+ locations globally.

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Who is Renegade Insurance?

Renegade Insurance is a newcomer to the insurance industry. They’re backed by investors who have built category-defining companies, and believe that disruption through market-leading technology will ultimately allow insurance agents to “be their best selves”.

Renegade is an independent insurance brokerage platform. They offer a “you sell, we service” model to their agents, but that is just the start of what they’re trying to do. 

How do Renegade Insurance agents make money?

Renegade Insurance agents also make money from commissions. Agents receive 80% to 95% commission (depending upon premium value) on new business and 50% commission on renewals for personal lines. 

Renegade Insurance also has a 60-40 split on new business and 40-60 on renewals for commercial lines. Additionally, Renegade Insurance also has options for agents who would like to sell life or health policies, allowing them to cross-sell all insurance lines of business.


How does Renegade Insurance make money?

Since Renegade Insurance does not operate on a franchise model, there’s no franchise fees. However, as it’s an independent insurance broker, it earns from upfront fees as well as monthly fees from agents for access to carriers, proprietary technology, and client servicing support. 

Besides the above-mentioned fees, another primary source of income for Renegade is commission split between the company and its agents. Coupled with a no retail outlet requirement, agents can virtually start their own agency with no retail investment.

How wide is Renegade Insurance’s market?

Renegade can provide direct appointments to its agents with 90+ carriers. While they are licensed in 48 states, as per their website, they officially operate in 7 states, namely, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Additional benefits offered by Renegade include:

  • Proprietary technology (Lead Management Software & Rater)
  • Internal marketing team to source leads
  • Local SEO for agents
  • Customer service assistance
  • Product and Sales training
  • Book roll assistance from carrier to carrier

In a nutshell

Renegade Insurance  Acrisure 
Line of Business  Personal, Commercial  Personal, Commercial, Real Estate, Workers Comp 
Commission Splits 

Personal Lines- Starting from 80/20 for new business;  

50/50 for renewals 


Commercial Lines 60/40 for new business; 

40/60 for renewals 

Number of Carriers  90+ carriers and MGAs  110+ Agencies and 440 Partners 
Operating States  7 states (licensed in 48 states)  All 50 states 
Servicing Assistance  Yes  Yes 
Technology  Proprietary lead management & rater software  Fintech based on AI technology. Robotic Processing & Data Analytics 
Fees  Yes  N/A 

For agents looking to grow and test their mettle, or even agents looking to take advantage and get ahead in the market, we hope this article has helped you learn about these two players. 

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