An alternative to the Microsoft Azure Synapse Solution

How the Power Hub can solve your data needs

Power hub is the Projectum database solution that functions on the azure SQL database, structured similarly to the DES. It’s essentially your own database, giving you full control of your data, without sharing capabilities with anyone. It could be a solution to the data needs that were previously handled in DES.

Here are some features of the Power Hub solution that are similar to DES:

  • Built on the Azure SQL database which is optimal for the most common workloads
  • Similar structure to Microsoft Data Export Service which means you can recognize and reuse your existing structure and skillsets.
  • Low latency so you can showcase near real-time data wherever you need it
  • Simple configuration by using the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to create your azure database, before configuring the connection to dataverse. The whole process takes no more than 1-2 hours.
  • High availability of data. You can easily manage logins, user access, and firewall rules. This makes it easy to allow access to data.

  • Low maintenance: the power hub features adaptive schema synchronization and automated database maintenance, such as reducing table and index fragmentation.
  • Full control: everything is installed on your own Azure Tenant which means that you have full ownership and control of your data – independently of whether you have Power Hub or not
  • Potential for scalability: because everything runs on your own tenant you can choose the speed and performance of your database, independently of the Power Hub features.

These features correspond to the DES. Furthermore, there are unique data-handling and analytic capabilities that you only get with Power Hub.

  • Access to full data history, so you can create historical snapshots for any real-time analysis

Example of a DES view in Power Hub

  • Secure from data loss: Power Hub makes it possible to retrieve lost data and can assist in the manual restoration of deleted records
  • Predefined BI-report views which allow you to hit the ground running when it comes to reporting

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