How to migrate from Project Online with Power Automate

Microsoft is encouraging customers to plan their transition from Project Online as soon as possible.

A lot of people are hesitating as the process of data-migration can seem daunting.

However, migration could be the perfect opportunity for a bit of spring cleaning, ensuring that your data and processes are actually supporting your business and creating value.

In this webcast we offer a free package for migration to get you safely from the old to the new.

We present a tried-and-tested framework that helps you evaluate how you’ve been using Project Online and defining your needs going forward.

We also present a template for a migration plan and workshops. The template includes important milestones and activities for onboarding, training and evaluation. The goal is always to ensure that everything is included, and nothing is lost when getting the new solution up and running.

Christian Fanning is a Principal Customer Advisor at Projectum, and he will be presenting Power PPM, a project and portfolio management solution built on the Microsoft Power Platform. You will also see how easy it is to migrate your current set-up and data to Power PPM.

The migration tool, Christian will cover, is based on Power Automate – and in this webcast, you will get a chance to see the tool live in action.

The webcast focuses on migrating from project Online to Power PPM, but it is relevant for any migration process. You can take the framework and templates and apply it to your chosen solution.

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