See what life changes to report and how to report them

Published on June 13, 2019

Has your family, job, or income changed this year? If you’re currently enrolled in a 2019 Marketplace plan and experience household changes, update your application as soon as possible. These changes could impact your health coverage or the savings you’re getting.

What types of changes to report

  • Changes that affect your family size, like getting married or divorced, or having a baby
  • Changes that affect your household income, like changing jobs
  • Changes to the coverage that’s available to you, like becoming eligible for Medicare or Medicaid, or getting insurance through a job

How to report life changes

  • Report changes to the Marketplace by updating your 2019 application.
  • Update your application online, by phone, or in person (just not by mail).
  • When you report a life change, you’ll get a new Marketplace eligibility notice. It’ll explain if you’re eligible for a to change plans, get new savings, or enroll in a different kind of coverage.

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