Slides for Day 1 of the Graduate Economic History Course…

I very much hope that the class will not get through all, or even most of these. Think of them as supports for the discussion I hope the class will have, rather than the skeleton of and an aide mémoire for a lecture. But you never know how a class will go: time and chance happeneth to us all:

  1. Bob Solow’s view of economic history…

  2. Olivier Blanchard’s read of the inflation situation…

  3. A historical perspective…

  1. Readings

  2. Population estimates and guesses

  3. Current and historical-memory estimates of productivity levels and living standards

  4. Income levels and living standards from 1870 guessed at back to -6000

  5. The character of a Malthusian society

  6. The demographic transition

  7. Before the neolithic revolution?

  8. What comes next?

  9. “Technology”

  10. Major features of historical economies

  11. Recapitulation

  12. Next time


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