The WHO plans to introduce over 500 new vaccines by 2030 for “low income communities” – Investment Watch

Covid-19 vaccines were just the beginning… The WHO wants to introduce over 500 new vaccines by 2030.

Immunization Agenda 2030 WHO
WHO: Immunization Agenda 2030

According to their website, by 2030, the Immunization Agenda aims to:

  • Achieve 90% coverage for essential vaccines given in childhood & adolescence
  • Halve the number of children who completely miss out on vaccination
  • Introduce 500 new vaccines in low & middle-income countries

This is what they want to achieve:

The impact of childhood vaccination is increasing:

  • 20 million lives saved in 2001-10
  • 30 million lives saved in 2011-20
  • 40 million lives will be saved in 2021-30, if global targets are met


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