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Cross-chain liquidity is a critical problem in DeFi that wrapped tokens offer a solution to. You can think of every blockchain as a silo containing its native token. Applications developed on a given network determine the demand for a specific token. Defining “decentralized finance” and the complex credit and lending ecosystem that surrounds it requires a technology that can work across all blockchains. Blockchains cannot benefit from the growth of the entire industry without this technology. Tokens wrapped in blockchains break down those silos by providing native tokens with utility outside the blockchain. Diverse investment instruments can now be achieved across most chains due to the new technology, which unlocks a flood of capital efficiency. DeFi-wrapped tokens offer the following benefits:

Accessibility improvement

The use of wrapped tokens makes it possible to represent and transfer assets that weren’t previously possible or practical to trade decentralized. Certain assets can become more accessible and investment opportunities may arise as a result.

Enhanced security

Smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts, contain the terms of wrapped tokens directly in their code. Security and transparency can be improved over traditional financial instruments. Since wrapped tokens are backed by the underlying asset, their value is also tied to it.

High liquidity

Digital asset exchanges can facilitate the purchase and sale of wrapped tokens, increasing liquidity for certain assets. More efficient price discovery and increased market activity can result from making it easier for investors to buy and sell assets.

Lower costs

Wrapped tokens can lower the costs of financial transactions by reducing the need for intermediaries. In addition, DeFi applications are often less costly for users to access than traditional financial institutions due to their lack of lengthy and expensive onboarding processes.

Increased efficiency

Wrapped tokens allow assets to be transferred and settled faster, reducing the need for intermediaries and reducing fraud risks. Users can benefit from this by being able to conduct financial transactions more quickly and conveniently.

In summary, wrapped tokens could have a significant impact on how we think about interoperability in the blockchain world. Wrapped tokens make cross-chain communication and collaboration possible by enabling different blockchain assets to be used in one ecosystem.

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