Why you should prep your proteins every week

“Prep your proteins.” I loved having Jen Schmidt from Balancing Beauty and Bedlam on my Time-Saving Mom IG live show this week.

She shared that one simple thing she did for years was to start her week and her day by making sure she had meat cooked and meals planned. This one thing made such a difference in her life — even though it might seem so small.

Jen is not a systems girl; she’s more the spontaneous type. And in this life we explored how using your time intentionally doesn’t mean you have to be super organized or scheduled. It starts with the heart!

In this live she also talked about:

➡️ 2 things she does every night before bed.

➡️ What she does every Thursday that helps her stay motivated and tackle projects she’d rather avoid!

➡️ Why it’s worth it to prioritize friendships — even if life feels messy.

➡️ How setting expectations for their kids helped their days go more smoothly.

➡️ Why her adult kids don’t have social media right now and something her son did recently to keep them accountable.

➡️ The reason so many moms feel overwhelmed and what to do about it.

I am so grateful to Jen for the example and inspiration she’s been to me over the years — especially when it comes to hospitality. As I share on this life, her book, Just Open the Door, was a huge catalyst for us fostering and adopting — even though the book has nothing to do with those things! But her encouragement to get brave and open our door ultimately led to our lives being changed in the most beautiful ways!

P.S. Follow @becomingcottage to see her renovation project and heart for opening up her doors to bless others in this nonprofit hospitality space.

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